Love your pool,
but hate the hassle?

You need SplashMe in your life!


The smartest way to manage your pool & spa

Millions of people love their swimming pool – but they don’t love the hassle that goes with owning one

Dial it up to the max and you could waste $100’s every year in unnecessary energy and chemical costs…

But try to economise, and you risk swimming in unhealthy water and damaging your pool equipment.

Sound like your problem?

That’s where SplashMe comes in.

Plug and play

Easy and quick for a technician to install into your new or existing water circuit, SplashMe monitors, doses, optimises and reports your pools vital statistics.

It really puts the fun back into owning a pool – all you need to do is jump in!

Install a SplashMe system into your pool/spa water system to…

Run pumps efficiency

Manage multiple heat sources

Control spas

Schedule lights

Power water features

Run cleaners

Worth knowing

SplashMe turns a single speed pump into a variable speed pump without you needing to upgrade. It’s also compatible with multi and variable speed pumps, so whatever your kit, we’ve got your covered.

Any pool

Any pump

Existing system

New build

SplashMe delivered $3k of savings in the first year alone!

After installing a SplashMe system, I noticed an instant and dramatic reduction in my electricity usage. Plus, being able to schedule all of my dosing, pumps, heating and cleaning during off-peak hours, I’ve been able to save even more.

I couldn’t be happier with the system. It gives me the confidence my pool is safe and swim-ready any day of the year.”  – Rob.H. Northern Beaches, NSW

Aussie owned, designed & made

SplashMe is designed and made in Australia by an Australian business.

Featuring technically advanced engineering, SplashMe is manufactured to exacting standards to give you years of trouble-free performance.

Compatible with all brands

Freedom to create customised systems where you have control

Patent protected technology

World-first technology protected globally to delivering revolutionary pool maintenance.

Partner with your pool professional

SplashMe’s smart connectivity means you can choose to share access to your pool data with your local poolcare professional.

It’s a breakthrough option in pool health control that delivers…

Realtime remote monitoring of your pool’s vital statistics to your local experts

Automated equipment management to maintain water temperature, sanitisation and cleanliness

Maintenance schedules that are tailored to your exact needs

Allows issues to be resolved before they become expensive fixes

A swim-ready pool every time you jump in

SplashMe means your pool will always be “just right” — saving your $100s every year in energy and chemicals costs, and hundreds of hours every year in maintenance hassle.

With SplashMe the water’s swim-ready
— every time you jump in!

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