Pair a SplashMe system with a single speed filter pump and you’ll have in-built
  • An efficient variable speed drive
  • Flow meter to measure water turnover
  • Multi-probe to monitor pH, ORP and temperature
  • Solar heating controller with ambient temperature sensor
  • Pressure sensor with backwash alert notifications

Plus a peristaltic dose pump for acid dosing

Want more? Easily connect more equipment for more functionality and control including
  • Solar heating or electric/gas heat pump
  • Liquid / salt chlorinator
  • Spa actuators
  • Lighting (supports colour changing)
  • Cleaners
  • Water features

Simple automation that puts you in control, anytime, anywhere!


    The cost of building a new pool and spa quickly adds up. Integrating a SplashMe system will save you time and money, up front and ongoing.

    Reduce electricity costs

    Powering a filter pump is the most expensive part of maintaning a pool.

    Variable speed pumps can help… but they’re expensive to buy, plus you need to remember to change the speed/duration to get any cost savings.

    SplashMe gives you real savings with smart, automatic and efficient filtration.

    • No more over running the pump just to be sure the water is clean
    • Save power (and money) with precise run speed and duration
    • Set and forget programming means hassle free maintenance
    • Option to load shift pump run times to make the most of off-peak electricity tariffs

    Save on equipment and chemicals

    Pair SplashMe with simple and reliable pumps, dosers and heaters for an advanced automation system. Avoid overpriced smart equipment that are expensive and can’t communicate with each other. 


    Save time and stress

    Utilise the three pre-set schedules to automate filtration, dosing and cleaning, year-round.

    Want your lights and water feature to come on at sunset? Sure!

    And your filter pump to run overnight with your cleaner everyday except Tuesdays? Easy!

    Use schedules to customise your entire outdoor environment and save time, stress and money by

    • running equipment when you’re not using the pool
    • utilising any solar energy your home produces

    …for a typical home, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household’s energy bills and a pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home—sometimes using more energy than your washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher combined.

    Source: Australian Government | Your Energy Savings

    Set and forget automation

    Maintain efficiency without compromising water sanitation and cleanliness.

    • Boost (High use) Perfect for those days you are entertaining or when your water turnover needs a boost
    • Summer (Regular use) The most efficient setting for general swim use during the warmer weather
    • Winter (Minimal/No use) Ideal for when the pool and spa aren’t in use either over winter or if you go away on holidays

    Want more control?

    Easily tweak your settings for a fully customised experience manually including

    • Water chemistry levels
    • Combination of heating sources
    • System pressure backwash alert level
    • Start and finish times of lighting, water features, cleaning equipment

    Ready to transform your pool, spa and backyard?

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