Pool Owners

Get your weekends back with SplashMe

SplashMe is the clever automation system that keeps water clean, sanitised and at the perfect temperature.

It really puts the fun back into owning a pool — all you need to do is jump in! 

Save 3+ hours every week in maintenance

No more test strips or weekly trips to the pool shop. SplashMe looks after your pool so  you can kick back and relax

Saves hundreds in electricity and equipment costs

Constantly tracking your pools vitals, SplashMe intelligently runs connected equipment to reduce the impact on the environment and your hip pocket

Easy to set up, easy to use, contactless support

Create and share multiple user log-ins with family members and your local pool professional for stress-free support

Powerful automation at your fingertips

With so many options to customise and configure SplashMe there’s a solution for every pool and spa.

Control pools and spas

Sanitise your way

Schedule lights & water features

Integrate multiple heaters

Automate cleaners

Savings for health, the environment and your hip pocket

Technically advanced, energy efficient and hassle-free, SplashMe is the investment paying you back from the day it is installed.

Smart technology calculates how and when your equipment should run eliminating any guess work or wastage of energy or chemicals.

The result – a clean, healthy, and perfectly heated pool and spa – every day of the year.

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It’s a breakthrough option in pool health control that delivers…

Realtime remote monitoring of your pool’s vital statistics

Automated equipment management to maintain water temperature, sanitisation and cleanliness

Maintenance schedules that are tailored to your exact needs

Allows issues to be resolved before they become expensive fixes

Aussie owned, designed and made

SplashMe is designed and made in Australia by an Australian business.

Featuring technically advanced engineering, SplashMe is manufactured to exacting standards to give you years of trouble-free performance.

Programmed using world-leading software, SplashMe updates remotely so you and your customers will always have access to the latest upgrades.

Happy Splashers

SplashMe is the real deal when it comes to clever pool ownership – here’s what our customers have to say.

It’s reliable and, at a glance, I can check the pool’s vitals instantly. No mucking around with water samples – it just works.

Hans B.

Floreat, WA

SplashMe saved me $3K in energy bills in the first year alone!

Rob H.

Central Coast, NSW

Our whole family has access to the App, so we all keep an eye on the pool and, the kids
can look after things while I’m working away.

Andy F.

Menora, WA

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