Privacy Policy

The SplashMe Automation Controller (SplashMe AC) has been developed and is owned by Nymet Innovations PTY LTD (NI).
This statement is effective from 1 September 2017 and outlines the information practices of NI.

Nymet Innovations values your privacy and is committed to maintaining your trust when using the SplashMe Automation Controller.

About the App

The SplashMe AC features an in-built variable speed drive specifically designed to convert any single speed filter pump to a highly efficient variable speed pump.

Using household information (pool size, electricity tariffs) and information collected by the in-built flow, temperature and pressure sensors, the SplashMe Automation Controller calculates the exact time, duration and speed to run the system to eliminate overuse, saving users hundreds every year.

Once installed, homeowners will be required to download this App and pair their smartphone/tablet to the SplashMe AC device(s). The App is then used to monitor and control all connected equipment within the pool and spa system.

Creating an account

SplashMe AC users must create an account entering personal information. This information is required to establish a secure and protected connection between the device and the user.

Multiple users and multiple devices

The person that creates the initial account will hold the master account. A master account can generate tokens for additional users. Additional users will be required to set up their own separate account with their own personal information, using the token generated by the master account.

The master account can delete other user accounts at any time through the SplashMe AC App settings page. Users can update their account details at any time via the settings page.

A single account can be paired with multiple devices where a user is required to manage multiple pool and spa set ups with different SplashMe AC’s installed. Once the user has successfully paired to multiple SplashMe AC devices, they will be able to switch between them via the settings page.

Information management

NI uses a secure, custom built backend server to store and manage all user accounts. Where required, NI can delete, reset or add new accounts. NI does not store individual system information and cannot access or control users systems without a token generated by the master account.

System information gathered by the SplashMe AC’s in-built sensors (temperature, flow, pressure, ORP, pH) is fed through to the App using Internet of Things (IoT) technology via the IBM Bluemix server. This same method is used the parse information from the App back to the SplashMe AC device.

The App can be used to control the SplashMe AC in two modes.;

  1. Direct Mode – Wi-Fi direct pairing where no network is required
  2. Wi-Fi Mode – connects via WiFi to users home network

When connecting in Wi-Fi Mode, users will need to connect using their home WiFi network details. The App will store network access to maintain connection allowing users to access and control the SplashMe AC from anywhere in the world.

Contacting Nymet Innovations

For any questions or complaints, users of the SplashMe AC App can contact Nymet Innovations directly via the website or email