Pool Professionals

Transforming pool & spa maintenance

SplashMe delivers breakthrough technology built into proven, robust hardware that connects pool professionals and customers like never before

Millions of people love their swimming pool – but hate the hassle of owing one…

That’s where the SplashMe automation systems come in.

SplashMe is a smart unit that transforms the performance of any pool and spa system.

Easy and quick for you to install in a customer’s water circuit, SplashMe monitors, does, optimises and reports on their pool’s vital statistics.

SplashMe will enable you to

Offer long-term pool care packages

Enhance schedule efficiency

Deliver proactive maintenance

Make SplashMe a key part of your pool care management business to grow customer satisfaction and retention.

While the world is spending more time at home, SplashMe keeps you connected to your customers

View historical or live data to precisely manage connected pools and spas

Remote access enables quicker issue resolution and efficient, contactless service

Build loyalty and deliver premium service with comprehensive customer profiles

Offer flexible sales and billing by adding SplashMe into monthly service plans

Seamless Integration

Technically advanced, energy efficient and hassle-free, SplashMe effortlessly integrates with pool and spa management platform, Pooltrackr for the ultimate, data-driven, maintenance solution.

It’s the leading choice for pool and spa professionals.

What SplashMe can do

Controlled by an easy-to-use smartphone app, SplashMe enables you to link into a customer’s pool to…

> Automate water sanitisation and quality

> Monitor system pressure in real-time

> Automate chemical or mineral dosing

> Optimise pump run times and speeds

> Review filtration performance

> Set water temperature precisely

> Tailor maintenance schedules

> Identify and resolve issues proactively

SplashMe can also…

Control spas

Schedule lights

Manage multiple heaters

Run multiple cleaners

Power water features

All pump compatibility

SplashMe turns a single speed pump into a variable speed pump without you needing to upgrade. It’s also compatible with multi and variable speed pumps, so whatever your kit, we’ve got you covered.

Any pool

Any pump

Existing system

New build

Aussie owned, designed and made

SplashMe is designed and made in Australia by an Australian business.

Featuring technically advanced engineering, SplashMe is manufactured to exacting standards to give you years of trouble-free performance.

Programmed using world-leading software, SplashMe updates remotely so you and your customers will always have access to the latest upgrades.

Happy Splashers

SplashMe is the real deal when it comes to clever pool ownership – here’s what our customers have to say.

It’s reliable and, at a glance, I can check the pool’s vitals instantly. No mucking around with water samples – it just works.

Hans B.

Floreat, WA

SplashMe saved me $3K in energy bills in the first year alone!

Rob H.

Central Coast, NSW

Our whole family has access to the App, so we all keep an eye on the pool and, the kids
can look after things while I’m working away.

Andy F.

Menora, WA

The science behind the solution

Programmed using world-leading software, SplashMe updates remotely so you and your customers will always have access to the latest upgrades.

Our Engineers have tackled the complexities of app-controlled filtration, water chemistry and temperature management so you can keep it simple.

Ready to level up your customers pool experience?

Contact us now and we’ll get the ball rolling