Australia and New Zealand are the first to see a game changing automation solution set to save owners hundreds every year and simplify maintenance for good. The Australian designed and made SplashMe Smart Pool Automation Controller is the affordable automation solution for every pool and spa.

Reduce electricity costs

Filter pumps require a large amount of power to function and are the main reason pools are so expensive to run. Variable speed pumps have previously been offered as a solution. The problem? Owners still have to manually adjust the speed and guesstimate how long to run the pump.

SplashMe converts existing single speed pumps into true variable speed. It then uses real-time pool data and App based algorithms to precisely calculate the pump speed and duration required to maintain a clean and healthy pool. This means owners can

  • stop over-running the pump ‘just to be sure’ the water is clean
  • run the pump slower for longer to save hundreds every year
  • utilise set and forget programming for hassle-free maintenance

Save money on equipment and chemicals

Do away with supposed “smart” pumps, chlorinators, heaters and dose pumps that aren’t automated and don’t communicate with each other. SplashMe becomes the brain of your system to coordinate and automate any brand of

  • single speed filter pump
  • dosing equipment
  • solar/heat pumps
  • cleaners, lighting, water features

Precise, automatic dosing will leave your water balanced, healthy and swim ready.

 Avoid inconvenient trips for water testing

Throw out the old strip testing kits and forget about weekly visits to the local pool shop. SplashMe sensors and smart App algorithms work together to monitor, record and maintain precise water chemistry levels. Owners can check pH and ORP levels any time and also access historical data reports via the App.

Save with stress free maintenance

SplashMe provides stress-free maintenance with customisable 3 schedules to automate filtration, dosing and cleaning year-round. Want your lights and water feature to come on at sunset and your filter pump to run overnight with the cleaner? No problem!  SplashMe allows owners to automate their entire outdoor environment.

Scheduling means owners can:

  • run equipment when the pool is not in use
  • utilise any solar energy their home produces
  • run equipment during off-peak times of the day when electricity is cheaper

Environmentally friendly pool ownership

Swimming pools place a huge strain on already overloaded electricity grids during summer. Reducing household electricity consumption and load shifting to use powerful equipment (like pool pumps) during times of lower demand will help pool owners alleviate the strain.

Now that’s convenience, cost savings and peace of mind at your fingertips! See for more details.