SplashMe is next-generation pool maintenance technology. Integrating with all brands of existing equipment, SplashMe becomes the control centre of your system, which is super low energy and smart phone controlled. Affordable, smart and simple, leaving all similar products years behind.

Designed and made in Australia, SplashMe uses smartphone technology to deliver the most simple, energy efficient pool maintenance system ever seen on the market. Through massive energy reduction compared to every other system, pool owners save on upfront, ongoing costs and significantly reduce environmental impact. It’s no longer necessary to use huge amounts of energy and pay a fortune just to clean your pool.

Product designer Damien Buonsanto says, “It’s no longer acceptable for pool owners to rely on outdated equipment the puts a strain on their household energy bills and the overloaded energy grid. Think of it as digital brain for pool and spa systems that saves you both time and money and does the thinking so you don’t have to.”

Gone to are the days of time consuming pH strip water testing. With some many other household chores simplified with automation and technology, SplashMe gives owners complete control of their outdoor appliances.

SplashMe is the the must-have product for pool owners that is good for their health, the hip pocket and the environment.