Simple, automated and efficient pool systems are what owners not only demand, but expect.

Think of the SplashMe Automation Controller as a brain for your pool and spa system. Once installed, the SplashMe Automation allows you to coordinate and control connected equipment via the custom designed App. At its heart, the SplashMe Automation Controller features an in-built variable speed drive specifically designed to convert any single speed filter pump to a highly efficient variable speed drive.

The SplashMe system comes complete and ready to install with 

  • Variable speed drive
  • Peristaltic acid dose pump
  • Multiprobe (pH, ORP and temperature sensors)
  • Flow meter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Ambient temperature sensor

PLUS it’s universal meaning it’ll automate any brand of connected equipment making it the perfect retrofit solution for existing systems.


SplashMe is the smartest way to maintain any pool and spa

By adding the SplashMe Automation Controller to your new or existing pool and spa system you’ll

  • drastically reduce your electricity usage
  • simplify your pool maintenance requirements controlling everything from the App
  • save money up front on equipment as you only need to connect basic single speed pumps and chlorinators
  • have a healthier pool and spa by eliminating overuse of chemicals with precise real-time monitoring and dosing
  • reduce your impact on the environment

By installing the SplashMe Automation Controller into new pool and spa builds you’ll

  • provide a cost effective solution for homeowners
  • deliver a smart, automated system for easy year round maintenance
  • be able to integrate different brands/pieces of equipment for centralised automation, monitoring and control
  • be able to achieve variable speed pump operation whilst using reliable and cost effective single speed pumps
  • have confidence in the technical and service support provided by the SplashMe team

The SplashMe Automation Controller is the perfect piece of equipment to help you streamline your business and improve service efficiency and customer support. 

  • Monitor and adjust all customer SplashMe systems via a user friendly Installer account
  • Receive alerts and notifications around chemical requirements and equipment performance
  • Remotely schedule or perform boost cleaning in the event of large rainfall
  • Integrate different brands/pieces of equipment for centralised automation, monitoring and control
  • Reduce cost of ownership to pool owners
  • Access customers historical data anywhere, anytime for improved service efficiency

Single speed filter pump (converted to variable speed pump)

  • Converts any single speed pump into cost-effective variable speed pump
  • Save upfront costs PLUS reduce your electricity costs every year


  • Connect in-floor, robotic or suction cleaning equipment to run your cleaners automatically or turn on/off manually as you need them

Dosing of acid and chlorine

  • Connect any dosing equipment to automatically dose acid and chlorine to the precise levels required to maintain perfect water levels
  • Chemical mix is measured in real-time and monitored and controlled using the App

Pool, spa and garden lighting

  • Connect pool, spa or garden lighting to control using the App
  • Either set to come on/off automatically or alternatively, operate manually needed

Heating (solar and gas/heat pump)

  • Connect new or existing solar heating, gas heaters or electric heat pumps to set the water temperature via the App

Spa actuators and water features

  • Easily switch water flow and control between pool and spa water
  • Connect your pool, spa or garden water features to control using the App
  • Either set to come on/off automatically or operate manually as needed

Monitor and adjust your
system in real-time

Water turnover and flow

  • SplashMe is the only pool automation system with a flow sensor tracking water turnover in real-time
  • Adjusts pump speed and duration automatically to maintain water hygiene and cleanliness cost effectively

System pressure

  • In-built pressure sensor triggers an App alert when a backwash is required
  • Easy to follow guided system backwash process

Water quality

  • Multi-probe sensors constantly track water chemistry
  • Set your desired pH and ORP levels for pool and spa water
  • Eliminate overuse of chemicals for a healthier, more cost-effective system

Water and ambient temperature

  • Measure both solar (roof) and water temperature in real time using the in-built thermostat.
  • No seperate control panels required

Real-time cost savings

Calculates the exact time, duration and speed to run the system to eliminate overuse, saving your hundreds every year.

…for a typical home, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household’s energy bills and a pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home—sometimes using more energy than your washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher combined.

Source: Australian Government | Your Energy Savings

Tailored to individual systems

By adding your pool size and using information from onboard sensors, the system will automatically calculate and set your system to run efficiency and keep your water clean and healthy.

Set and forget automation

Maintain efficiency without compromising water sanitation and cleanliness.

  • Boost (High use) Perfect for those days you are entertaining or when your water turnover needs a boost
  • Summer (Regular use) The most efficient setting for general swim use during the warmer weather
  • Winter (Minimal/No use) Ideal for when the pool and spa aren’t in use either over winter or if you go away on holidays

Want more control?

Easily tweak your settings for a fully customised experience manually including

  • Water chemistry levels
  • Combination of heating sources
  • System pressure backwash alert level
  • Start and finish times of lighting, water features, cleaning equipment

Ready to transform your pool, spa and backyard?

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The SplashMe System is an Australian innovation, 100% owned and manufactured in South Australia.

A proud member of and supported by Australia’s leading and trusted pool and spa industry body