How it works

Easy to install
Simple to use

Backed by science, SplashMe takes care of the complex so you can keep things simple.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Think of the SplashMe Automation Controller as a brain for your pool and spa system. Once installed, the SplashMe Automation allows you to coordinate, and control connected equipment via the easy-to-use SplashMe App

Simple Automation

With SplashMe you can connect and control

Single, multi and variable speed filter pumps

All water sanitisation systems – minerals, chlorine, ozone, ionizer, UV and more

Multiple cleaners and heaters

Spa actuators and jets

Lights (including colour changing function)

Water features

Powerful automation at your fingertips

Filter pumps

Controls any multi and VSD pump
Converts any single speed pumps to VSD
Reduce energy and maximise efficiency


Maintain perfect water chemistry automatically (pH and ORP)
Compatible with any sanitisation system
Eliminate chemical overuse


Set and maintain the perfect temperature
Integrate multiple sources including solar and gas heaters, eletric heat pumps

Spas & Water Features

Switch water flow between pool and spa
Automate water feaures and spa jets
Pre-set automatic timers or operate manually


Maintain crystal clear water
Integrate in-floor, robotic or suction cleaners
Schedule or operate manually


Control pool, spa or garden lighting
Schedule and automate or operate manually

A powerful choice for pool owners and professionals

Universally compatible with all brands and equipment

Compatible with all pumps – single, multi and variable

Easy to install – new or retrofit

Seamless service, remote monitoring

Australian designed, made and supported

Cost savings you can see

Environmentally friendly

Powerful connectivity

Clever App. Simple System.

Technically advanced, energy efficient and hassle-free, SplashMe is the investment paying you back from the day it is installed.

It’s the leading choice for any pool and spa.

What’s in the box?


Peristaltic Dose Pump

Ambient temperature sensor

Plumbing and fittings

SplashMe is a complete system ready to install straight out of the box.

All you’ll need is a filter, filter pump and chlorinator or your choice of sanitisation system.

Then it’s up to you what else you connect- heaters, cleaners, spa, colour changing lights….

Any brand, any equipment – the choice is yours

Smart System. Smart Savings.

Wipe hundreds off your household electricity bill

  • Operate any pump at maximum efficiency without compromising cleanliness
  • Automate filtration to exact pool size and use for precise energy usage
  • Schedule pumps to run off-peak times to save more

Keeps your water clean and healthy

  • No more strip tests or weekly pool shop visits
  • No more guessing or running the pump just in case

Save on equipment and chemicals

  • Avoid overpriced “smart” equipment that is expensive and difficult to integrate
  • Eliminate unnecessary dosing with unhealthy and expensive chemicals

Save time and stress

  • Set and forget programming for hassle-free maintenance
  • Switch easily to control pool and spa from the same app

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